3D Laser Scanning Buildings High Definition Surveying

From Point cloud to CAD

Our 3D laser scanner automatically and rapidly captures millions of points, constructing a 3D image of the building or structure. At each set up position the scanner fires a laser at the building’s surface and the return signal measures a grid of points over the surface (in some cases only 1mm apart) called a point cloud. Individual point clouds are then combined to create a 3D model.

A 3D laser scanner can be positioned up to 300 metres from the target area and can collect 3 million measurements every minute in a full 360 degree dome. This range enables the surveyor to be less intrusive, work more safely and survey areas previously considered inaccessible when using conventional total station or disto.

The laser scanner can also take colour photographs of the scan area and map the colour or texture information onto the survey point data. Alternatively we have specially adapted a DSLR camera to capture colour data independently using a wide angle fish eye lens.

Altogether this enables everyone working on the project to gain a better understanding of the site and the data collected, whether they are on site or office based and from viewpoints and perspectives that would never be physically possible.

The point cloud can opened in a number of software packages, including the most recent AutoCAD release and allowing both 2D and 3D CAD drawings to be created.

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3D laser scan of a building elevation in ortho view for conversion to CAD line drawing

The building elevation CAD file generated using Cloudworx software for AutoCAD.

Floor plans

Building elevations

Cross sections

Land topography