3D Laser Scanning Buildings High Definition Surveying

Example laser scan surveys, images, movies and CAD plans created from a 3D point cloud.

Case study -

3D Laser scan survey of a working windmill in Cambridgeshire

Mills, be it a windmill or watermill are among the most complex buildings to survey both internally and externally and our work here is an excellent example of the potential of laser scanning for measured building surveying.

Access is very restricted and space internally limited making careful positioning of the laser scanner essential.

The combination of the internal and external laser scan survey of this six storey mill near Cambridge has created a full 3d model of the building.

The completed laser scan surveyincluded thirty 360 degree scan positions throughout the mill and grounds to produce maximum coverage.

Ground floor laser scan survey movie, the scanner collects data on every visible surface to build its three dimensional model.

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Laser scan orthophotography

This black and white elevational cross sectional orthophotograph measured during the internal survey captures the workings and layout of the mill to a new level of detail and precision.

Highway Road Corridor Surveying

Highway survey requirements are very detailed including road features and 3D level information, signage, line markings, boundaries and services. The laser scanner captures all this data which is then extracted in the office to the specification requested, normally in the form of a multi layered 3D CAD drawing...

Highway survey example

Coastal Erosion Monitoring and Recording

We are using point cloud data to monitor cliff recession rates and beach profile change on the North Norfolk Coast. The biannual laser scan survey enables engineers to compare data over time and gain an accurate picture of the cliff stability and recession. The cliff edge can be mapped from a safe distance ...

Cliff recession survey example

Traditionally Difficult Buildings to Survey

Old buildings can set a difficult surveying challenge, containing many complicated and unique shapes and features making them hard to measure and map precisely. Individual elements; beams, ceiling details, stonework and brick work can be accurately recorded in the office from the "collect all" point cloud approach...

Laser scan elevation

Volume and Quantity Surveying

By comparing surface models of point clouds we can accurately calculate the volume of aggregates removed from a quarry over time more precisely than by using a total station. The remote nature of the laser scanner also enables access to difficult areas and reduces the risk involved to site workers and the surveyor...

Excavation volume survey